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How to Organize your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Do you need a place to store your belongings that won’t fit at home? A storage unit is a great alternative for storing your items if you don’t have the space at home. Self storage in a great solution for both short and long term storage. How do you get the most out of your storage space? We will discuss how to effectively store your belongings in a storage unit while still having easy access to everything you need.

Create an inventory list

When you are storing items anywhere, it is easy to forget what you actually have stored away. Before piling your belongings in a self storage unit, create an inventory list of everything you are storing. We recommend creating a spreadsheet or checklist for your reference when storing items. As you decide what you want to store, record it in your spreadsheet. It may be helpful to include a description of what it is and the date you have stored it. Storage units are great for long term storage, but it is easy to forget what you have stored after months and years pass. Depending on the size of your storage unit, creating a map indicating where everything is stored may be helpful.

Choosing packing materials

You can’t just throw all your belongings in a room and call it a day. Using packing materials will give you the most space and allows you to easily access all of your items. Plastic bins are a great choice when deciding what you want to store your smaller items in. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic bins make it possible to see what is inside a container without having to dig through it. This will definitely make locating your items easier! Cardboard boxes are still a viable option and a cheaper one! You would want to reference in your inventory list which cardboard box your items are in or where the cardboard box is located on your map.

How to store bulky items

To maximize the space in your storage unit, disassembling your large items like furniture will help you organize more efficiently. If you are storing larger items, storing them upright or stacking boxes will save you additional space for your remaining items. Don’t forget to utilize the height of your storage space! When you are packing your items into cardboard boxes or plastic bins, start with your larger and heavier items. By placing these heavier boxes in the back and bottom of your storage space, this will prevent any of your lighter items from getting crushed or damaged. Storing your heavier items at the bottom of your storage space also ensures that you have a good foundation when stacking your items. After creating your inventory list, star the items will need to be more accessible than others. Reference this list when you are packing your storage space to ensure everything that you would need to access more frequently is placed at the front of your storage space.

Label Labeling items is SUPER important when storing items. You might think you’ll remember what is stored in each cardboard box or plastic bin, but when the months or years pass it will get harder to remember. Label each box clearly with permanent marker or printed labels and ensure that the label is faced the way that is easily visible for you.

Finding the right self storage facility has just become easier. Give us a call today and we can assist you with finding the perfect storage unit that will fit your needs!

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